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We provide mentors and training for young people aged 11 to 25 years old.

Our aim is to help anyone who is vulnerable or at risk of exploitation to have better chances in life.


How do you do this?

We do this by recruiting, training, and managing mentors to work with young people, ideally

for a minimum of 2 years. In many cases, we will work for longer periods with young people

as long as we are helping them grow and progress toward their goals. The goals are chosen

by them and we support them to become thriving, contributing, and independent members

of society and more importantly local communities.

We want young people not only to thrive but also to understand personal development and

economic well-being that will prevent homelessness, addiction, and crime and also prevent

poverty now and in future generations, reducing strains on the public purse and crime. We also aim to prevent poverty now and in future generations, whilst also reducing the strain on the public purse.

What are the benefits?

Some outcomes include –

We aim to involve young people in all our key decisions in Milton Keynes. To evolve reduced mental health issues. Reduction in addictions/substance abuse. Reduction in crime, knife crime, drug dealing, and imprisonment leading to years of re-offending.

We want to help young people become independent and secure long-term secure housing

or understand the value of it. We want them to value education and higher education including apprenticeships. We want them to value training and also possibly voluntary work, so they can understand the doors that can be opened by networking. We want them to understand they can earn more through pathways into employment and improving their

Cvs and resilience and reliability. Most of all we want them to gain confidence and self-belief that gives them a sustainable, progressive lifestyle that benefits everyone. Win-win.

This is definitely not a service that is happy to rest on the past for solutions and we aim to involve all decisions in Milton Keynes, to evolve our service regularly, working together to

make it a better place for our young people, which then makes it a better place for


The other benefits from our service, as mentioned, are extra support to the community and

a reduced cost and pressure on health services, education/school colleges, policing, mental health organisations, youth organisations, care experienced support services, social services, and offending teams among others.

Youth Conference
Youth Club Meeting

Do you get feedback?

We aim to adapt and evolve the service to the needs of young people and communities

through regular feedback from professionals but most importantly youth involvement and


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