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Classroom Lecture


It takes a lot of courage to ask for or realise you need help and we believe it is essential that all young people are reminded of the courage it takes to engage with us and our programs.


It takes a mentor's courage to help a young person they haven’t met and give up their time to make a difference.


Everyone working directly with young people has the courage to be a change in the world for that young person.

High School Basketball Game


A young person committing to be something different than they have been is amazing and recognising the importance of it is very empowering.


The biggest difference you as a mentor will make in many young peoples lives is purely you doing what you say you will. Many young people have been let down by people around them and then believe this is normal, your committment to them  may be the first time an adult has truly been there for them.

Happy Family


Also one of our clearest values, we aim to develop a culture of co-operation between all involved.


Paid team members, senior management, trustees and volunteers. Young people, funders, corporate partners and public services including Milton Keynes Council.


The more we can all be on the same page about what can be done and what isn’t being done well, the more we can make lasting change and a brighter future for Milton Keynes.

Youth Conference


We believe that learning to engage with and network in your local community can return young people to traditional skills that have been lost.


By taking an interest in community resources, community groups, charities and local decision making young people can take more control over their own life path and destiny.


Volunteering changes lives and we will have a strong emphasis on getting involved with local groups and making a difference in the world, this also helps a person build confidence, when they see the results of their efforts. When you help others you realise you can help yourself too!

Community Service


Every word you say has power and by being an example to young people you can help them organically learn that positive values and communication bring rewards and help them achieve their goals faster. 

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