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Courage, Commitment, Co-operation, Community, Communication

Youth Mindset is a charitable organisation that provides mentors and training to support young people trying to find themselves in a difficult modern world.

Youth Mindset aims to help young people reach their potential and not just survive but thrive in these challenging times.

The management team and trustees have decades of experience in youth organisations but also specialising in education, coaching, personal development, employability, safeguarding, finance, working with vulnerable people and charity development.

Milton Keynes is one of the fastest-growing areas in the UK and with that come ever-growing problems including growing inequality, crime, exploitation, mental health issues and stretched local services.

What started as a labour of love to continue the good work started in Milton Keynes has driven us forward to setting up this charity, so we can make a difference to the young people of Milton Keynes and help them overcome unprecedented circumstances in modern times.

The peer pressure on social media alone exacerbates knife crime,  exploitation and mental health issues. The comparisons with others and the need for contact, while they grow into young adults, have never been more confusing. A world where we as adults don’t have all the answers as we have never experienced some of the pressures these young people are experiencing. Then we have poverty growing, education challenges and services that do not have the resources to help as many people for as long as they would like.

Youth Mindset believes that the best local economy to aim for is one that changes society by valuing prevention as opposed to trying to contain consequences. It is far more costly to react to problems than instil solid values with coping mechanisms in young people, helping them think for themselves and become contributors not just consumers, to become independent and reduce dependency on the state.

The aim is to reduce the strain and costs on policing, local councils, youth offending and exploitation teams, safeguarding, mental health services, special education, health care, benefits systems and housing and help Milton Keynes become a leader in young people’s services.

You can help us make a difference working with vulnerable young people by mentoring, donating or spreading the word. Together we can make Milton Keynes a better place and help these young people improve their lives and the people they meet.

Youth Mindset will also take great pride in working very closely with the young people of Milton Keynes to get regular feedback and ideas of what they feel they need, alongside councillors and working professionals to provide a better, more rounded service, and improve our communities.

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Walt Disney

J. K. Rowling

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.

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