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Mentoring outcomes

Coaching young people to live their best life

Commitment to change

Young people more often than not know what they want from life. However, because of significant challenges in their lives, such as living in state care and not having a support network, they do not behave how they should to achieve it.

Through coaching techniques, mentoring and being held to account, young people in Milton Keynes will be empowered to overcome these challenges and take the steps towards a better future.

When our young people are given a coach/mentor, they commit to making their behaviour match what is needed to achieve their goals. Through this commitment, young lives are changed for good.

Mentoring outcomes


Young people grow to be confident adults through empowering knowledge to positive behaviour and achievement.

Economic wellbeing

As a result of mentoring, young people participate in education and training, receive the support they need to gain employment and go on to have much greater economic wellbeing over their lifetime and are less of a burden on the state.


Beneficiaries improve their mental and physical health, take care of themselves and are resilient to setbacks.

Positive behaviour

Through mentoring and coaching, beneficiaries learn the consequences of their actions, are less likely to be involved in crime and substance abuse and become less vulnerable to exploitation.

Positive relationships

Young people in Milton Keynes benefit from positive relationships, rather than negative influences, and are able to socialise with friends and engage their communities.

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